MAY 17TH BUILD TO SELL EVENT – Taking Your Business to the Next Level in 2018 2018-05-02T10:42:21-07:00

Project Description


Are you counting on your business to be a key asset for your financial future? How do you know that you are making the decisions today that maximize that outcome? Begin making decisions now with the end in mind. The Build to Sell series of workshops lets you hear from business owners who have built and sold their businesses successfully and is facilitated by an expert panel of professionals in this field.

In working with our business owner clients, we hear some of the brightest owners grapple with many of the same questions:

  • How much longer do I have to do this?
  • How much will I need to sell my business for?
  • How do I get more time in my life to enjoy it?
  • How do I get cash ow without working as hard?

Five Key Takeaways from the Workshop:

1. Understand key factors to maximize the value of your business 

2. Understand the key factors to increase the saleability of your business

3. Know what to focus on depending on your current business stage

4. Meet the advisors who are integral to the sale of a business

5. Determine your sufficiency number: How much is enough to sell?