Cantara Testimonial 2018-08-03T12:13:09-07:00

We met Peter through a marketing presentation series he put on for our networking group. After the first presentation, my business partner approached me about bringing him in to help us further develop the company. This turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made. Peter has become a mentor, coach, and catalyst for change within our organization. We loved the coaching work he had done so much, when we were done with the initial project we retained him to continue working with our employees one on one. Personally, I can’t thank Peter enough for the profound changes I have been able to make with his coaching. Not only has he helped to define our business, he has helped us to change and grow as individuals. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Peter has taught us tools to use for the rest of our lives. If you are ready to commit to change, Peter can help you get to places that you never imagined.

Jim Bras